File of Life

The "File of Life" program is free to residents of Live Oak, Capitola, Soquel, Aptos, Rio Del Mar and La Selva Beach. The "File of Life" is a refrigerator-style magnet folder that contains vital patient information for EMS personnel in the event of an emergency. It also comes with a wallet-size card that can be carried with you in the event of an emergency away from home. Both contain the same information. The "File of Life" contains information such as patient's name, address, date of birth, medical history, and other crucial information that will help speed up patient care while the fire and ambulance crews are on scene. This will, in turn, speed up the time it takes to get the patient to more definitive care at the hospital.

file of life

Be sure to locate the magnetic "File of Life" folder on your refrigerator in plain view. Keep the wallet card with you at all times. Advise EMS personnel upon their arrival that you have a "File of Life." If you are unconscious or unable to speak, EMS will automatically look on your refrigerator when they arrive at your house to see if you have a "File of Life."

The "File of Life" can be obtained at the CRR & Administrative Office at 930 17th Avenue, Santa Cruz CA  95062 during normal business hours and more information can be obtained by calling (831) 479-6842. Be sure to fill out all the information as thoroughly as possible and fill it out using a pencil, not a pen. This will enable you to change any information regarding your medical history if it should change in the future. Any assistance you may need in obtaining or filling out the "File of Life" can be obtained at our CRR Office. Further information can be obtained at the File of Life Website.

Having a "File of Life" can save your life in the event of an emergency. If you have a medical history that may require an ambulance or has required ambulance assistance in the past, the "File of Life" could be a tremendous benefit to you and others trying to help you.