Defensible Space

Although single family residences are generally inspected by request only, residences in designated High Fire Hazard areas within Central Fire District’s jurisdiction are inspected each spring for compliance with rural fire safety standards.  

During defensible space inspections we look for the following:
defensible space
  • Visible address numbers. Address numbers should be at least 4” in height, contrasting colors and visible from the street.
  • Flammable vegetation should be removed within 30’ of your home.
  • Clear dead leaves and branches. Leave ornamental shrubbery and trees widely spaced in the remaining 70’ around your home.
  • Remove lower branches from trees at least 6 feet from the ground.
  • Trim all tree limbs at least 10’ away from chimneys and stove pipes.
  • Remove all tree limbs hanging over the roof.
  • Clear all flammable vegetation within 10’ of access roads and driveways.
  • Cover chimneys and stove pipes with a ½” non-flammable screen.
  • Remove dead leaves and needles from roofs, rain gutters and decks.
  • Enclose all vent openings with an 1/8” mesh metal screen
  • Locate woodpiles and LPG tanks at least 30’ from structures, fences and other combustible materials.

Continuous maintenance of your property will prevent the buildup of flammable materials and help protect your home in the event of a wildfire.