Mission, Vision, & Values

Our Mission
To improve quality of life by protecting the community from the risks and consequences of fire, medical, rescue, hazardous material, and natural disaster incidents. 

Our Strategy
We will achieve our mission by aggressive and well-planned incident response, focused prevention programs and effective public education, all conducted by a well-trained and well-equipped team.

Our Vision
We stay in touch with our community to identify their changing needs. Innovation is a key element of our leadership. We investigate new programs and techniques and implement them to maintain or improve our service levels. We aspire to be leaders in our profession and will actively participate when it is the most effective means to achieve our mission. We earn the respect of our peers as well as the community we serve by being effective, innovative, customer-friendly, and reliable. We will consider changes to our District boundaries with neighboring communities when the result is an overall higher quality of service for all involved. We are very supportive of regional approaches to training, fire prevention, incident response and administrative support.

Central Fire badge and patch

Our Values

Safety is paramount. Our profession is dangerous by nature and requires that we provide service and train with minimal risk to our personnel and the public. 

We are prepared to serve at any moment by being trained, physically and mentally fit, and well equipped.

Our services must be provided to the community with compassion, respect, and sincerity. Good service results from our knowledge, ability, and commitment.

Leadership creates commitment, communication, desire, action and growth and is demonstrated through our actions.

Work Ethic
We plan, manage, accomplish, and enjoy our work with dedication, respect teamwork and accountability.