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Public Records Request Form

  1. CFD-CrossAxe
  2. Public Records Request Form
  3. In accordance with the California Public Records Act (Gov. Code §§. 6250 et seq.), I am requesting to (check one):*
  4. Contact Information:
  5. I understand that the District will respond to all Public Records Act requests in compliance with State law. For copies of the above-listed public records, I understand the District copying fees will apply or statutory fees for copying may apply. I understand that I will be responsible for payment of all copying fees in advance of delivery of any requested copies. I also understand that the District has 10 days to determine if the request seeks disclosable records in the District’s possession. In some instances, the time may be extended by written notice if additional time is required to search for and collect the requested information. If more than fifty (50) pages are requested, the District may require a deposit before making copies.
  6. Do you agree?*
    By clicking 'I Agree' you agree and acknowledge that 1) your Public Records Request will not be "Signed" in the sense of a traditional paper document and 2) By signing in this alternate manner, you agree that your electronic signature is valid and binding upon you to the same force and effect as a handwritten signature.
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