Non-Safety Employment Opportunities

In addition to Safety employees such as Firefighters, Firefighter-Paramedics and Captains, our District also employs a number of other Non-Safety positions in our Administrative, Community Risk Reduction and Fleet divisions. 

The health, dental, vision and life insurance benefits are all very similar to those offered for Safety employees, though pay and retirement are dependent both on the position and the corresponding bargaining group. See MOU's listed below for current benefits, and our Master Salary Schedule for the pay ranges for each position. 

Below are the job descriptions and corresponding bargaining groups for each of our current Non-Safety positions.  

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For questions on any of these positions, you can contact our Human Resources Division

EMS Chief: Non-Safety-Negotiated Separately w/EMSIA.

Management Group: Non-Safety-Includes Finance Director, Human Resources Director, Fire Marshal.

Administrative Group: Non-Safety-Includes Administrative Assistants, Administrative Analysts, Fire Inspectors, Defensible Space Inspectors (all levels), Senior Fire Apparatus Technician, Fire Apparatus Technician, Logistics Technician and Deputy Fire Marshal.

Employment Contracts & MOU's

  1. Salary Range
  2. Benefits
  3. Retirement
  4. Leaves & Holidays
Position Hourly Base Range Monthly Base Range
EMS Chief $84.11 $14,579.03
Finance Director $77.16-$89.33 $13,376.00-$15,484.00
Human Resources Director $66.54-$77.03 $11,533.00-$13,351.00
Administrative Analyst $40.40-$49.10 $7,001.81-$8,510.74
Administrative Assistant $30.21-$36.72 $5,236.73-$6,365.28
Deputy Fire Marshal $61.60-$67.91 $10,677.16-$11,771.57
Fire Inspector $49.51-$57.31 $8,581.21-$9,993.81
Defensible Space Inspector - Trainee $20.00 $3,466.67
Defensible Space Inspector  $30.00 $5,200.00
Defensible Space Inspector - Specialist $40.00 $6,933.33
Senior Fire Apparatus Technician $53.28-$61.68 $9,235.36-$10,691.07
Fire Apparatus Technician $41.62-$48.18 $7,214.76-$8,351.99
Logistics Technician $28.94-$35.18 $5,016.38-$6,097.43

Additional Compensation

Educational Incentive Pay: Management Group & Administrative Group employees may receive Educational Incentive Pay for possessing a Certificate of Proficiency in a field of study relate4d to job services performed, and Associate, Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree that meets with approval from the employer. Amount of pay based on level of education, as outlined in the MOU. 

Specialty Pay: Employees who are certified by the State of CA as a Certified Fire Investigator AND who actively participate in the Arson Investigation Unit shall be paid an incentive of $500 per month.

Longevity Pay: Management Group & Administrative Group Employees shall receive a 2.5% salary increase after the completion of 10 years of service to the District.

Job Descriptions