Urban Search and Rescue

The scope of the Rescue Division is to provide high quality technical rescue resources staffed with skilled personnel.  The Rescue Division provides specialized training district-wide.  Rescue Division team members receive the majority of their training and certifications through the California State Fire Marshal Training system.  The Rescue Division trains regularly throughout with the year to maintain their rescue skills and equipment competencies.  Training is a vital component and a constant necessity of the team.

The initial response vehicle is equipped to handle a variety of incidents, including low and high angle rescues and vehicle stability and extrication. This vehicle can also be called to fire and Haz Mat incidents to provide breathing air support.  Central Fire District also maintains a rescue equipment trailer for additional supplies and equipment with an emphasis on breaching, breaking and shoring of unreinforced masonry, concrete tilt-up and heavy timber construction.

In addition to our initial response vehicle, every engine and truck in the District carries auto extrication and rope rescue equipment. These vehicles are stocked with tools used to augment rescue operations including ropes, cribbing, air bags, and cutting and prying tools. 

The District encounters a large variety of incidents.  Several miles of coastal cliffs and mountainous terrains providing complicated rescue challenges.